John Boyle-Singfield lives in Montreal. You can send him a message if you want to invite him to do something.

Things I Made: This is (a): Year:
Nombre de jours sans accident I channeled the contemporary art blog through my own web domain, adding one red dot and one green dot to it. 2017
Sparkling Council (lettre ouverte) I remade the website of the Quebec Council for the Arts, adding a script that produces glitter when the cursor moves within the page. Then I wrote an open letter about it. 2016
Untitled (Patreon Account) A crowdfunding account where I send videos of my presence to contributors. 2016
Agreement on the Assignment of a Work of Art A contract that assigns an artwork to another person. 2016
Reconstitution (Excerpt) A 90-minute long video. It shows the movie Baraka on the left screen and a remake on the right screen, using stock footage videos found on the web. 2015
Coffee Break I recorded 8 hours of my internet browser at night, located at The page is refreshed automatically every few seconds, showing a constant connection to the Starbucks server. Nothing seems to happen for a while, then the server crashes, enters in maintenance mode and finally goes back to normal. 2015
Terms of Service A music adaptation of Google's Terms of Service (effective during summer 2013). 2014
Erased Cory Arcangel Website I erased the content of Cory Arcangel's website ( He is a famous artist living in New York. 2013
Sparkling Bahnhof (Detail) A copy of the old Hamburgerbahnhof website ( I added a script that produces sparklings when the cursor moves. The following link show a detail of my site in gif format. 2012
A View from the Balcony Using an HTML iframe, I channeled the website of a museum through my own web domain as a way to deviate/displace/reevaluate the historical gaze. This piece was conceived in 2012 and reactivated in 2017. 2012
Directions to Immortality Google Maps route from my personal location to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. 2010