John Boyle-Singfield lives in Montreal. You can send him a message if you want to invite him to do something.

Things I Made: This is (a): Year:
Untitled (Patreon Account) A crowdfunding account where I send videos of my personal inactivity to contributors. Ongoing
Dictionary I swapped the definition of the word 'art' and 'sorrow' in an english dictionary found on the web. The pdf file was reprinted as a book and redistributed online. 2017
Agreement on the Assignment of a Work of Art A contract that assigns an artwork to another person. 2016
Mai et al. I read the entirety of the May 2016 issue of Artforum Magazine and noted every artist name cited. I republished the book showing only the names appearing on each page. 2017
Reconstitution A 90-minute long video. It shows the movie Baraka on the left screen and a remake on the right screen, using stock footage videos found on the web. 2014
Coffee Break I recorded 8 hours of my internet browser at night, located at The page is refreshed automatically every few seconds, showing a constant connection to the Starbucks server. Nothing seems to happen for a while, then the server starts crashing, enters in maintenance mode and finally goes back to normal. 2014
Terms of Service A music adaptation of Google's Terms of Service (effective during summer 2013). 2014
Erased Cory Arcangel Website I erased the content of Cory Arcangel's website ( He is a famous artist living in New York. 2013
Sparkling Bahnhof A copy of the old Hamburgerbahnhof website ( I added a script that produces sparklings when the cursor moves. The following link show a detail of the site in gif format. 2012