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Shut the Fuck up (Painting) bad mobile-phone picture of a painting. 2016 Painting
Shut the Fuck up (Drawing) piece of paper. 2016 Drawing
Sparkling Council Quebec Council for the Arts website with a little touch of magic. 2016 Web
Bad Clickbait computer displaying a clickbait website, in a corner. 2016 Installation
Jogging Tumblr (re)enactment of the Jogging Tumblr. 2016-2021 Performance, Web
VVORK Blog (re)enactment of the VVORK website. 2016-2023 Performance, Web
Reconstitution remake of the movie Baraka using stock footage video clips. 2015 Video
Instagram 3.4.2 14 isolated Instagram filters, scaled up to 43 inches, printed and framed. 2014 Print
Singing Google's Terms of Service me singing the famous text from Google inc. 2013 Video