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Jogging Tumblr (re)enactment of the Jogging tumblr. 2016-2021 Performance, Web
VVORK Blog (re)enactment of the VVORK website. 2016-2023 Performance, Web
Disclaimer Painting acrylic on canvas. 2015 Painting
Reconstitution remake of the movie Baraka using stock footage video clips. 2015 Video
Instagram 3.4.2 14 isolated Instagram filters, scaled up to 43 inches, printed and framed. 2014 Print
JBS Singing Google's TOS me singing the famous text from Google inc. 2013 Video
Bootleg I reproduced the previous exhibition held at Espace Virtuel Gallery (Chicoutimi, Canada) and re-exposed everything in the same space for the duration of my show. Every piece was copied badly with cheap recording devices. 2013 Installation
Avant-garde Film video filters simulating old avant-garde aesthetics added in a clip of me staring at a camera. 2012 Video
Poem Words belonging to the domain of fashion, show business, merchandising and pornography, chosen for their power of viewership into social media and internet. My name appears a few times in the video to provoke a social ritual between the virality of emptied communications and my public persona. 2012 Video
Untitled (Coke Zero) sealed plexiglas cube with 20 litres of Coke Zero. 2012 Sculpture