John Boyle-Singfield lives in Montreal. You can send him a message if you want to invite him to do something.

Things I Made: This is (a): Year: Category:
Agreement on the Assignment of a Work of Art A document that I use for ghostwriting my own work into multiple identities. This contract can serve as a tool for experimenting on different modes of identification related to the creative act. 2016 Document
Entente sur la cession d'une oeuvre d'art The french version of Agreement on the Assignment of a Work of Art. 2016 Document
Une version particulièrement stable de l'apocalypse A serie of playlists made since 2016. In this work, one can see the figure of the artist as a content provider for the end-times or just wander in the collected fragments of a personal account. 2016 Playlist
Terms of Service (Printed Book) A music adaptation of Google's Terms of Service (effective during summer 2013). It emerges from a desire to increase the visibility of an important text, by using music and mass-media displays. 2014 eBook
Terms of Service (eBook) The eBook version of Terms of Service. 2014 eBook
I Love Anxiety An edition of bumper stickers. 2013 Sticker