Statement for Prospect 89

“Wallflowers… those shy ones! Oh! Cling! Cling thee to the furthermost borders – the hinterlands. Sublimate, oh, sublimate thy libidinal impulses into decorative organic motifs… ornamental hair growths, aesthetically placed tattoos. Beauty-mark thyself!

Yes. The meeting of the eyes. Lightning flashes. The interwining sight lines – follow them. Yes. Glinting orbs. Gazes fixed, positioned, and mapped, uh huh. Place thyself in Polar Zones of separation. But wait! thight wooden mind, chopped off from the body trunk. Oh! Yes! Yes! Fold the fruit away from the hard seed. Slough off thy mortal arp and reveal thyself… in glory… Oh! Oh! Oh! … the essential form lies beneath… timeless.

Floating, we are… in the free area designated ‘endless periphery.’”

– Mike Kelley